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Luke Bryan's "Kill The Lights"

Luke Bryan's newest album, "Kill The Lights", keeps in theme with his previous album release: it's addictive, relatable, and plain fun. Here we've got another pop-country release, with that bro-country touch. Though it is widely know for its first single, "Kick the Dust Up," Bryan's album is taking on a new depth with his single release, "Strip It Down."

This album makes no excuses for bad behavior, it loves hard, and parties harder. Every track is absolutely country, but loaded with pop beats, and laced with Bryan's recognizable Georgia drawl. The title track, "Kill The Lights", proves that Bryan is even willing to throw in the funk genre, and the mixed use of production makes the album even more unpredictable!

While I love the production in "Kill The Lights," right now I'm crankin' up "Strip It Down" and "Way Way Back." There is something nostalgic and racy in these tracks, which makes them so authentic. "Strip It Down" begins with the visual, "let it fade to black," and appeals to touch, with, "let me run my fingers down your back." The song goes on to pull the listener in with grounding lyrics like, "strip it down, back to you and me... like it used to be." This album is at times a pop and funk deviation for Bryan, but at others times, it's stripped back down like his albums used to be. I love them all!

Check out Luke Bryan's website HERE

Listen to his album "KIll The Lights" HERE

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