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Leslie Cours Mather's "That Was The Whiskey"

Country rocker, Leslie Cours Mather, doesn’t disappoint with her new single, “That Was the

Whiskey”. This southern rock song details a crazy, drunken night full of whiskey drinking, bartop dancing, and small town talking. The lyrics paint a humorous night in your mind, and Mather’s choice to poke fun at a drunken experience adds humor and relatability to her song. The song is set up to be the anthem of whiskey lovers, everywhere. The electric guitar, down home beat, and strong percussion, paint Mather as a girl who lives life unapologetically. “That was the whiskey, with lies on her lips... Shaking her feathers with her hands on her hips.” Her nights are fueled by whiskey, but she knows “Sunday morning will save us all.” Maybe, one should take a cue from Leslie Cours Mather, and live out your whiskey filled nights.

Check out more information and listen to the rest of Leslie Cours Mather’s Music, HERE.


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