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CRS 2016: Enjoying the FUNNY Little Things

Country Radio Seminar is an annual event that brings the entire industry together for a few days to network and learn about what’s going on in the genre. There are so many big things happening really fast; so fast that most people miss the best parts: the little things that make you laugh. Luckily, we here at Crank It Country have compiled a few of those little things for your visual pleasure!

RS Country (@RSCountry)

See Chris Janson's show-stopping #CRS2016 "Buy Me a Boat" performance

Did anyone happen to notice Chris Janson flipping off the crowd?

Morning Hangover (@MorningHangover)

@janson_chris just slaughtered #CRS2016 best live performer of the week!

Photobomb from the world’s tiniest bassist (start at the crotch and go down)

As you can see, Chris Janson really stole the show at this year’s CRS. Don’t worry Chris, you weren’t the only hot ass at CRS!

The lights are bright, BUTT the view is awesome!

Seems like Tim McGraw may have had a secret admirer; and just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder….

Elaina Doré Smith (@elainadsmith)

#tbt to the first time I ever spoke on a #CRS2016 panel, which was TUE @CRSOfficial thank you again for the honor!

We found Mr. Bean speaking on a panel. Enough said.

CRS really has a way of bringing in people from all walks of the entertainment industry. Country as a genre has attracted all kinds of cool characters lately! When we arrived at CRS, we never thought we’d see this guy walking around:

BOB 106.9

Thank you @CountryAircheck & everyone who voted for such a killer honor! Can't ever thank you enough! #CRS2016 -Tim

Is that a Microphone in your hand or you just happy to see me?

No one can ever take that smile from you, Mr. Mohawk. Rock on brother! All joking aside, CRS was a blast and I truly hope that everyone walked away from this event with a smile as big as I had while writing this article!

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