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Josh Goodlett "I Don't Usually Do This"

Country newcomer, Josh Goodlett, moves audiences everywhere with his new single, “ I Don’t Usually Do This”. It is rare that you find an artist whose songs are as well crafted and honest as Josh Goodlett, and his latest exemplifies that honesty flawlessly. The song, co-written by Bobby E. Boyd, Brad Wold and Phillip Moore, tells the story of someone who is letting their guard down in a relationship, being the kind of person to keep their emotional walls built up high; they are usually the one to run away from faulty relationships. Perhaps the line,“I don’t usually do this, my heart don’t fall” tells it all; Josh Goodlett is frightened, and not afraid to share it. Never the one to fall in love, this song perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love and not wanting to put up your walls for the first time.

Josh’s heartfelt country twang adds depth to the song, making the listener truly believe what Josh is saying. The simplicity of the guitar at the beginning of the song, the buildup into full, bright chorus, as well as other fantastic song-writing elements portray the build up of emotions that he’s feeling, perfectly relaying back to his relationship. “ I Don’t Usually Do This” is a heartfelt tune that will draw audiences in, with it’s relatable lyrics and melody. We’re coining this a break out single for Josh Goodlett; be on the lookout!

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