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Cowboy Troy's "Countdown To Vacation"

Country and Hip Hop are two very different genres, but sound amazing when put together. Some artists have been experimenting with combining the two since the early 2000’s, but it has recently seen more success than ever. There has never been a better time for Country rappers, and many eyes are looking toward one man in particular. I’m talking, of course, about Cowboy Troy, the founder of Hick Hop. Troy has been crankin’ out Country Rap since 2001, and I’m willing to bet you’re gonna put his new single on your summertime playlist!

“Countdown To Vacation” is three and a half minutes of pure relaxation, painting a picture of a perfect getaway. The instrumentation has a very tropical Caribbean feel, with ukulele, steel guitar, and horn sections riddled throughout. Even the drums are mixed so that nothing hits too hard; the song is put together in such a way that everything is perfectly mellow. Troy does a great job of showing off his rapping abilities while still maintaining that relaxed flow of the song. My personal favorite line is at the end of the chorus; “Let the problems drown at the bottom of my glass, and let the stress go down.” Troy goes into thorough detail to tell the story of a perfect day, and by the end of the song I felt nothing but relaxed.

Whether you’re in the Bahamas or a lawn chair in your backyard, “Countdown To Vacation” is sure to be one of the songs you’ll be drinking an ice cold beer to this summer!

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