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You Will Be Remembered, Prince

Very few people will come around that will have even a fraction of the impact on music that Prince has. He constantly pushed the boundaries of multiple genres to the point where we couldn’t even think of which one to classify him as. Did we need to? Hell no! The guy was a pioneer; he forever changed the course of R&B and rock n roll, and he did it his way. Not to mention, he was one hell of a fashionista.

I mean seriously, who else could pull this off??

Regardless of what kind of music you listen to or what you thought of him, you can’t deny that without Prince, the world would look and sound very different. He broke down racial barriers, stood for gender equality, touched the hearts of millions of people and played a killer set at the Super Bowl XLI halftime show in 2007. We love you Prince, your life was well-lived.

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