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"Better Man" - Little Big Town - Single Review

Little Big Town’s newest single, “Better Man”, was written by none other than legendary Taylor Swift. The song was released on October 20th, and instantly started climbing its way up on the charts. However, after Taylor was announced as the songwriter, the single truly took a skyrocket to the top, hitting number one on iTunes in just one day.

“Better Man” encompasses the internal dialogue one goes through after a necessary breakup. The song vulnerably expresses the process of courageously breaking free from a destructive relationship, and the internal conflicts one goes through when this occurs.

Swift did an incredible job of approaching the story from a unique angle. Unlike most other breakup songs, this one is all about accepting that one cannot change her partner. In “Better Man”, the longing for returning to a relationship is clearly expressed. However, she simultaneously accepts that what’s best for her is to run from her love, due to destructive relationship habits on his part, “always talking down to me like I’d always be around.” The heart-rending hook line, “I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man,” truly ties the song together.

This single is truly one of the best – and most unique - songs of this year. Little Big Town delivers the song flawlessly. The music itself intentionally follows a relatively simple and sparse structure, which creates plenty of room for Little Big Town’s swirling and chill-inducing harmonies. Overall, the song is incredibly powerful, tugging on heart strings world-wide with raw emotion and honesty.

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