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You’ll Never Guess How Jake Owen Responded When Asked About His Favorite Color

Earlier this week, Jake Owen unexpectedly released a parody music video titled “Seafoam Green”. Jake was simply asked by a fan what his favorite color was, and created an entire music video in response. He must have extra time on his hands while he is not touring. Featured in this video are country stars Ryan Hurd and Chase Rice. Owen teamed with That’s Classic Media to create this hilarious spoof. That’s Classic Media’s Austin and Colin, (known for their viral “Welcome to Nashville” spoof video), are also featured in the video. The video is essentially a “rap” stressing the importance of Owens “Seafoam Green” obsession.

The staple of the video, Owens famous VW bus, was driven around with the stars handing out the windows, laying on the top, and anything else you can think of. The guys wardrobe choice was seafoam green adult onesies…(enough said). The video is jam-packed with paint splattering hilarious action when Chase Rice throws an entire bucket of seafoam green colored paint onto Owen. The lyrics emphasize the importance of the color, and show that it is often confused for other colors like teal. "No matter where I go, no matter where I'm seen, I can guarantee I'm always rockin' seafoam green,"


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