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"Don't Wanna Miss" (Kaitie Wade) Single Review

Kaitie Wade, a pop-country singer-songwriter and recording artist from Seattle, has made incredible strides in the country music scene since her big move to Nashville. After a successful debut single release in 2015, Kaitie is now in the process of releasing her debut EP “Starts With a Song.” Named “featured artist” by Next Star Now and a “Superstar in the Making” by Hillbilly Express Radio, Kaitie's lead single “Don’t Wanna Miss” has been receiving radio airplay and positive reviews since its release on March 21, 2017.

Kaitie’s new single, “Don’t Wanna Miss” is a fun, uptempo, head-bobbing song about letting loose, throwing worries aside, and absorbing every moment to the fullest. This song combines country, pop, and rock instrumentation with Wade’s unique writing style and voice , creating a hit that is sure to be on repeat for many. I mean it when I say this song can be stuck in your head all day, and you still won’t get tired of it.

Sticking to her northwestern roots, the first verse of the song describes her experience going out and having fun in beautiful Washington state. After a big drop and an explosive drum hit, the chorus revs in an extremely catchy hook,

So baby, whatcha say? How you feelin’ now? / We can light it up up up / set a fire to this town...”. A few lines later, Wade brings in the party anthem feel with “Raise that glass high / feel that wild life / pull me in close, then seal it off with a kiss - the kinda night that you don’t wanna miss”.

The second verse paints a picture in vivid detail of a huge country music festival in eastern Washington, called “Watershed Festival”. You can almost feel the heat of summer just listening to this.

We had the opportunity to interview Kaitie to find out more about this song and the inspiration behind it. Kaitie tells Crank It that the inspiration hit her when she was sitting in a parking lot after buying groceries in her last semester of college finals.

I was getting pumped for the festival that summer, and suddenly this melody just popped into my head and I said ‘oh shoot, I gotta write a song!’, so i sat there for hours getting the chorus down. I just took myself back to the festival and imagined everything I was feeling there - all the pure joy and lack of worries, all the euphoric feelings that music can bring.”

This song truly captures just that. Don’t take it from us, click HERE to listen for yourself!

Be on the lookout for Kaitie’s debut EP, " Starts With a Song", coming April 28th, 2017.

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