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You'll be up all night jamming Denny Strickland's new single "We Don't Sleep"

Wooo Weee it's getting hot and heavy in here with this SIZZLING new single from Denny Strickland! When you throw on this record, you immediately get smacked by his influences from all across the board. From George Strait and Waylon Jennings to Lana Del Ray and Young Money; this guy is a melting pot that'll put you right in the mood to be sending that "U up?" text at two in the morning.

The track opens up with some ambient synth tones and then the soft picking of an acoustic guitar. If his old-soul, country crooner voice doesn't immediately get you going (first of all, you're crazy), just wait until the drop of the chorus where all bets are off!

In Strickland's words, "We're ready to ROCKIFY, Baby all through the night". This chorus CRANKS. "We don't sleep when the sun does" and you won't be able to either after jamming this killer tune! Why would you ever pick boring old sleep over staying up with the one you love?

"We Don't Sleep" is the first single promoting Strickland's upcoming record, California Dreamin'. The release date for the new record is yet to be scheduled, but you can bet that Crank It will be on the lookout for the official announcement and pass it on as soon as we hear!

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