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Chris Stapleton is BACK with Heavenly New Single "Broken Halos"

Since the release of his fiery debut album, Traveller, fans of country music everywhere have been eagerly awaiting for a follow-up from Chris Stapleton! The wait is almost over friends, and if this single is any indication, then it will be well worth it. Not only is Stapleton releasing his sophomore effort, From a Room: Volume 1, on May 5, but the record will also feature an additional volume two, which will be released later this year!

After years of being one of country's biggest secrets, Stapleton took the music scene by storm when he was finally able to make the transition from writer to artist. And not just your run of the mill artist status. Chris Stapleton went from being a name within the Nashville music community, (however, commercially unknown) to a household name across the country almost over night. When you listen to the raw power of his incredible voice, its not hard to see why.

In his new single "Broken Halos", co-written with friend and former SteelDrivers bandmate, Mike Henderson, Stapleton hits hard with a powerful ballad about those who fall from grace and redemption. In the first verse, Stapleton preaches about angels that come from Heaven to help and guide us through life. "Come to teach us, then they leave us/And they find some other soul to save". It's rejoice in the gifts that come from the angels in life, but also sorrow for their impermanence. This seems representative of the fleeting nature of the good in the world, and why it tends to be that way. Stapleton takes solace in the fact that we're not meant to understand why this is. "Don't go asking Jesus why/We're not meant to know the answers/They belong to the by and by".

Though it's heavier then just a care-free banger, Stapleton's knack for catchy melodies always provides something you want to sing along to. His unbeatable voice that uniquely blends country, blues, rock and soul delivers a powerful tune about finding comfort in not understanding everything. Add this one onto your latest playlist and prepare yourself for what is sure to be an unbelievable album to come on May 5!

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