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Brad Paisley to Release New Album "Love and War" as Country's First Visual Album

Following the release of his new album "Love and War" on Friday April 21, Brad Paisley has just announced that as a companion piece to the audio record, he will be releasing an additional visual record for the album this Friday, April 28! Just what we've always wanted, the ability to watch 16 Brad Paisley music videos back to back to back!

This will mark the introduction of the visual album to the country music genre, a concept that will surely be adapted by many more in the genre as the popularity of this new musical phenomenon continues to grow.

It wasn't until after the music video for the album's lead single, "Today" was released that Paisley decided, "Hey, I could totally make this whole thing a visual album". Contrary to the Beyonce's wildly popular visual album, rather than focusing on one particular story for the album, Paisley wants each track to tell its own story. As usual with Paisley, he is a great balance of humorous wit and deep feeling, and wants the videos to also portray the wide array of emotions that one feels while listening to his music.

Paisley put the pedal to the metal in creating this project, and CRANKed out 15 of the 16 videos in just a month, with the last video being shot just two weeks ago. Talk about procrastination! Rather then think of it as procrastination though, Paisley said this process was so that everything could be shot with his first instincts in mind. This way the videos wouldn't sit around with the ability to be tweaked and perfected during the waiting time.

Brad Paisley was already making genre-defying moves in the making of this record, enlisting the help of long-time Justin Timberlake collaborator, Timbaland, for two of the album's songs. If that wasn't enough for you, Paisley also calls on the assistance of rock LEGENDS Mick Jagger and John Fogerty to make this album CRANKIN!!!

On Sunday, April 23, Paisley shocked the Nashville community when he performed this new album in its entirety for a surprise show at Tootsie's, bringing along some of the albums featured performers for one wild night on Broadway!

This visual album will initially be exclusive to Apple Music, but there are plans for a mass distribution after the initial release.

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