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Life is "Better Now" with the Release of the New Jericho Woods EP!

The Kentucky Americana/Roots band, Jericho Woods, just released their self-titled EP on Cinco de Mayo and it is already charting at #15 on the iTunes Country Chart! After giving it a few listens, I know that it's only gonna be climbing higher from there.

Jericho Woods has been jamming out on the Kentucky scene for a while now, and was voted Best Kentucky Band of 2016 by Kentucky Living Magazine. This self-titled EP follows their successful debut album Same ‘Ol Dirt that reached the Top 25 on the iTunes Country Album chart. Their musical prowess and eclectic sound has gained them support from acts like Dwight Yoakam, Sturgill Simpson and The Cadillac Three.

The EP begins with the track "Monday Morning Cigarette", a killer song about longing to get out of the rut of a routine work week. The first line, "Punching my card, living on borrowed time, I'm working too hard on a dream that isn't even mine" hits hard for those who work the grind of a 9-5 at a job they don't want to be doing. It's a perfect anthem for those who are tired of the monotony in a routine and yearn for something greater.

The EP's lead single, "Better Now" is a redemptive track about being made well through finding love. Starting out with a rockin' electric guitar riff, this is a high energy tune that'll raise your spirits and fill you with faith in the power of love. The first line begins reflective on the hard times before meeting the girl. "I wasn't always this happy, used to walk around in the rain, but you came along and all of that changed". Overwhelmed with newfound love, singer Josh Mitcham proclaims in the energetic chorus that he is "Better now".

The song "Happily Ever After You" is my personal favorite, putting a great twist on the classic fairytale ending, and turning it into the chasing after someone to begin the relationship. The tune captures a lot of the essence of a 90s pop song, kind of Blues Traveleresque, with their own modern country-rock spin. This song is just plain fun, and filled with optimistic hope of getting the girl so that they too can have a fairytale ending. Mitcham doesn't mind the chase because he knows that the payoff will be worth all of the effort. "Some might say I tried too hard but it's hard to see us not together. Trying to sell this fairytale of you and me and us forever... Until that happens I'll be happily ever after you".

This EP is a great listen all the way through. Super talented musicians, touching lyrics, and melodies that'll stay in your head for weeks. Put this one on your pick-up list and get to CRANKIN it ASAP!

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