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With a Name like "Rodeo Cold Beer" You Already Know You Need to Check out this New Chancey

From the ranches of Wyoming, down the path of saddle bronc rider, and then to, finally, a killer country music artist, Chancey Williams has created quite the accomplished life for himself! His latest studio effort, with his band The Younger Brothers Band, is called Rodeo Cold Beer. If you can't already tell just from the name, this album is a fun and CRANKIN good time!

The band's roots trace back to the simple goal of Chancey and long-time friend, Travis DeWitt (drummer) playing in their high school talent show. One thing led to another, and they went from playing in high school auditoriums to opening up for some of country's biggest names, like Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, and even the late, great Merle Haggard!

The latest record from The Younger Brothers Band opens up with the energetic, title-track. "Rodeo Cold Beer" kicks off with a rockin' electric guitar riff as the drums begin to build up around it to shape into a song with an anthemic sound that'll pump up your nomad spirits, while still further encouraging the idea of "there's no place like home". Williams chants cheerfully and regretfully in the chorus, "I've been living on rodeo, cold beer and old Copenhagen/I've traded my soul for some black top and white painted lines/Living this way well I may never make it to Heaven/but boys if we're lucky we'll be in Wyoming tonight". He seems to have a blast with his life on the road, but he knows his home in Wyoming is where he wants to rest his head and where he belongs.

Life on the road is a common theme throughout the album, obviously as Chancey spends most of his time there. The song "Get To You" is an upbeat, jumping tune about going through Hell and back to get back to the one you love. Missing em so bad that you'll do whatever you can just to make it back home to their arms. The song is full of determination, but it is also very lighthearted and fun. Beginning with an intense log on what all he's put into his treck, "3 tanks of gas, 6 cups of joe/4 bald tires and a Texaco rose, this old trucks running like it know I gotta get to you" William's journey is one of epic passion that so many can relate to when they have been away from the one they love for too long. He'll take a plane, a train, or an automobile to return to his love, crooning "Girl if it'll run I'm gonna ride it/Find me a plane and I'll learn to fly it/Honey I'll do whatever I've gotta do just to get to you".

Another cool edition to this record is the CRANKIN cover of the classic John Mellencamp tune "Authority Song". Bringing a more modern and smoother rock feel to this song, Williams creates an interpretation that flows so seamlessly with the rest of the album, you'll forget that it's even a cover! "I fight authority, authority always wins" fits perfectly with the album's theme of freedom (fighting authority of a normal, societal life for a life on the road), but then the downsides that accompany it that you just can't win against.

The last song, "Whatever I'm Looking For", is the perhaps the most touching on the album, as Chancey wonders if he's on the right path in life and pursuing the right dreams for him. He is obviously very thankful of the life that he has been given, but he questions if maybe the life that he's giving up to pursue these "dreams" is a better fit for him than whatever it is that he's looking for. He mourns, "Everything I love is across the map, 1500 miles away from me... Will I ever see the day when these dreams start coming true?" It's a touching tribute to the sacrifice that comes from giving your life to music, especially when the results aren't what you expect them to be.

All the way through, this album is 10 tracks of really great tunes! It's such beautiful record because of it's back and forth of loving life on the road, but missing what you have to leave behind in doing it. Written with a lot of CRANK, a lot of heart, and a lot of great melodies, these jams are some that you don't wanna miss! Pick up or download a copy ASAP and get ready to be jammin this on hard repeat throughout the summer!

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