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Kathy Bell's Funky New Single - "Fishing Blues"

In case you can't tell from this picture, this is probably one of the most unique and interesting submissions we have ever received.

Anyways, here we go!

Kathy Bell's bio tells us she started music by singing in church at a very young age. Growing up, she learned to love all styles of music-from country to blue grass and all the way to disco. She has performed many places and loves song writing. She is now a DJ and karaoke host, after competing in many karaoke competitions herself.

Kathy sent us her song in a submission - and our first thought was "this is very funky, but very unique!" Kathy's quirky personality shines through her music.

The lyrics and music for Bell's single, "Fishing Blues", were written by bell herself. The song was recorded at Toneslinger Studios in Nashville, TN.

Right off the bat, we here many classic country elements in the instrumentation - harmonica, a blues chord progression and clingy piano. The song begins with,

"I was sittin' on my couch and I started to think / how inflation is a-risin' and it sure does stink."

She then tells of the woes of inflated worm costs, and proceeds to plant her own garden of worms. The hook of the chorus is "Now i'm singing my own fishing blues".

Now, this is quite an interesting story. We are, simply stated, at a loss of words. This song is very different, and we don't personally LOVE it, but again, very unique. Kathy isn't afraid to stand out and be herself with her music, which is AWESOME. Keep on cranking' it, Kathy!

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