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We "Label" Ayla Brown's New Single as: FIRE!

Okay, Y’all. Stop what you’re doing and give Ayla Brown’s new single a listen.

From the very first note, this song instantly caught our attention. Why? It is a fun, driving, pop/rock groove that makes you bob along. With banjo keeping it country and deep dance-like drums adding a pop flare, we “Label” this song AWESOME!

"Label" was co-written between Ayla Brown and writer Erik Halbig. The content of this song is gold. Most of us have been in a situation where we are in an “almost” relationship and not really sure how to define it - typically because one party is too cowardly to put a “label” on it. Ayla comes at this with sass , saying -

“I dare ya to find out / What you’ve been missin' / You like the chase but I like the kissin’ / You will be kickin' yourself for a minute / if you close this door”

Then, with the roll of a drum, Ayla puts all her feelings out there belting out the extremely catchy chorus -

“Let’s put a label on it / You know you want / It’s the least that we could do/ If you’re not up for it / And just ignore it / I might just be out too”

She is basically giving this guy an ultimatum. Either put a label on it, or she’s out. (you tell ‘em, girl!) But she also wanted to emphasise the simplicity of it. Implying it is not that complicated, she assures her potential lover, saying -

“I’m not talkin’ matchin’ / rings for our left hands

Or gettin’ some crazy tattoos /

Let’s put a label, a label on me and you”

Ayla’s single was released on August 11th, 2017. The perfect way to close out summer is to CRANK UP this song! Head on over to iTunes or Spotify to Jam to it with us!

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