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Jones & Fischer's "Perfect Kinda Crazy" is our Perfect Kinda Song

Jones & Fischer are a rising independent country group in a place not necessarily so well-known for it's country scene. Darin Jones and Caleb Fischer are the two-driving forces behind the group pioneering a country music scene in the Pacific Northwest. When you think about the Pacific Northwest, usually you think of a music scene saturated with grunge, indie, and ambience (well at least I do). But with these two guys combining inspiration from both of their hometowns of Seattle, Washington and San Antonio, Texas, they create a unique sound that blends their roots in a way to creates quite the wonderful sound and style.

It's inspiring to see a country act that really goes against the grain of the typical Nashville way to make it in country music, and rather than having a big team, truly embraces the DIY approach to music. I think they're DIY approach stems a bit from their Northwest roots where that seems to be more of the norm for bands in that scene. Without a label or a home in Nashville, in the past two years, Jones & Fischer have logged 50,000 + road miles, played over 300 shows, put out a record on their own, and have been personally asked to open for acts like Big & Rich, Trace Adkins, and Blackberry Smoke. This sends a really good message to independent rising artists everywhere who think you need a label or a team behind you to become successful. While a team obviously helps, what makes the real difference is the amount of work you're willing to put into it for yourself.

Now that we've talked a little business, onto the music! Jones & Fischer have a solid country-rock groove and an ability to make you move. From the first few strums of the guitar in their latest summer single "Perfect Kinda Crazy" you can hear in the tone the influence of both country sounds and the darker tones of the Pacific Northwest. This tune has an easy, laid-back feel to it, and rather than the usual in a lot of country music that shames women for being "crazy", Jones & Fischer celebrate the beauty in the crazy. The chorus sings, "She can raise hell all she wants, throw my clothes out on the lawn, break all our pictures off the wall/drink a bottle till its gone, curse my name out on that lawn, she don't know how much that turns me on/she's the jealous type, that's the kind I like, every time she loves me it blows my mind/she's dangerous when she's angry, she's the perfect kinda crazy". The song is perfectly fun and very sing-along-able! We've been CRANKIN this tune on our end and it's the perfect way to close out your soon to be ending summer playlists! Follow these guys on their website to check out tour dates and more to come from the exciting DIY country collective!

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