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Midland...I'll Take Three of Them "On The Rocks" Please

As you may have already heard, country band Midland recently dropped their first album, “On The Rocks,” and it’s already a hit. The Washington Post is calling it “the year’s best country album,” as the music nods to the old Wild West, but still gives it a modern twist. But, what you may not have heard is that the trio is seriously talented outside of the music world.

Guitarist Jess Carson used to run Reveille, a clothing store in Portland, Oregon before joining the up-and-coming country group. The shop sold handcrafted clothing, and Carson himself even designed a menswear line for the store’s brand.

Perhaps the most surprising tidbit about the band is that bassist Cameron Duddy is a music video director. Most recently, he directed the music videos for Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” and “Uptown Funk,” as well as the collab between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, “Pretty Girls.” He also is credited as an editor for Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” music video. Duddy is also an actor and has appeared in a movie and some TV shorts.

And then, there’s Mark. Front man Mark Wystrach is the epitome of ruggedly handsome. His abs have all of the girls at Crank It drooling at our desks. And I know what you’re thinking about those jeans. That is one. Big. Buckle. His bulging arm muscles have us wondering if there is anything he CAN’T pick up. He has put those good looks to work over the years and was signed to IMG Models, one of the largest and most prestigious modeling agencies in the world. He even did some print work for Dior and it’s no secret why they wanted him. Did someone crank up the temperature in here?!

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