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Who's the Real Jason Aldean?? Check Out This Tribute Artist Who Looks EXACTLY Like the Real Thin

Look at the picture above. First glance, who do you think that is? DUH, it's Jason Aldean. WAIT. No it's not! Pictured above, my friends, is the unbelievably on point Jason Aldean doppelgänger. Greg West of the Ultimate Aldean Tribute is seriously a long lost twin kind of embodiment of everything Jason, from looks to sound to stage presence!

Greg moved to Nashville chasing that country music dream in 2007. When he would return home, everyone thought that he had changed his name to Jason Aldean and made it big! In 2011, when Jason hit it big with his smash hit "Dirt Road Anthem", the cases of mistaken identity started coming in in torrents. Figuring he could maybe make something of this wonderful coincidence, Greg began reaching out to tribute shows in Las Vegas to see if he could try his luck on that circuit. As it turned out, Country Superstars agreed that his resemblance to Aldean was uncanny and within a few short months, Greg was performing as the more affordable Jason.

In 2015, West gained more popularity for his Jason performance when he joined Reno Vegas Entertainment's Country Artists Tribute, a show featuring tributes to Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, and of course, West as Aldean. This lineup enjoyed a two month residency at Harrah's Casino and eventually toured fairs and casinos around the all around the west coast!

Greg is honored by the fact that he gets to entertain people with the music he loves so much. In fact, he's such a fan, he buys tickets for Jason's shows to give to people that come to see his shows! He wishes to one day shake Jason's hand and thank him for all that he's given him, whether intentionally or not.

West is currently in the market of booking dates for the 2018 season, and you can book him right now by visiting his website Everything from fairs and festivals to clubs and the best office party ever, reach out to Greg if you're trying to get some authentic Jason Aldean in your life!

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