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Heidi Raye Wants to Wish You Merry Christmas!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and everyone's favorite Heidi Raye wants to wish you Merry Christmas; and as crazy as it sounds, she doesn't mean any offense by that!!! In her latest single, "I'm Gonna Wish You Merry Christmas", Heidi gives us her unique, quirky and unapologetic attitude in a wildly catchy Christmas tune, complete with jingle bells!

"I was waiting in a long line down at the Wal-Mart, eggnog and a turkey in my shopping cart, when I said two words you ain't supposed to say no more". The song opens with these lines, and Heidi innocently doing some Christmas shopping and trying to spread a little cheer. But whatever you do Heidi, DON'T CALL CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS. "I didn't cuss, say anything offensive, when all a sudden everybody got defensive, so I said it again a little louder than before". Heidi takes aim at what some have called the "war on Christmas", and the world we live in nowadays where you can offend someone by just trying to spread some holiday cheer.

Rather than try and argue with these people, Heidi belts joyously and with little concern at the chorus, "You can say happy holidays or whatever is politically correct these days, but I'm gonna wish you Merry Christmas!" Heidi clearly doesn't care who she offends with her tidings intended to be of great joy! "Everybody done gone sensitive, Imma call it what it is y'all get over it, I'm gonna wish you Merry Christmas!"

This is a truly CRANKIN Christmas tune, reflective of Heidi's fun and witty style! Listen to it once and I guarantee yule (get it yule instead of you'll for Christmas??) humming it while you're waiting in a long line with some turkey and eggnog in your shopping cart! Add this CRANKIN tune to your Christmas playlist, and give ours a follow for some holiday fun!

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