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"Anything is Possible" with the New Single from the Lovely Sisters of Southern Halo

It's still early enough in 2018 to say that a new year has just begun, right? Well, either way, with the start of every new year, there comes an array of opportunities and possibilities that, when placed in your hands, give you the power to decide what kind of year you're going to make it. With all of the hate and negativity in the world right now, it can be really easy to just go through the motions of what will move you on forward to the next year. Instead of getting stuck in this rather sad mindset, Southern Halo is here with their latest single to remind you that "Anything Is Possible"!

The latest single from these angelic sisters (rocking some AWESOME Crank It Pink on the single cover by the way) is a message of the utmost positivity in a time when a lot of people sure could use one. The trio has always been #CRANKIN out catchy CPR (Country Pop Rock) songs, but lyrically and sonically, this latest seems to be their most matured effort yet! Oh yeah, and it might be good to mention that only one of these lovely ladies isn't in her teens! The sisters Natalia (20), Christina (19), and Hannah (17), have been playing together since Hannah was only 9 years old, and since then have been writing songs far beyond their years.

The tune starts out with some upbeat mandolin plucking, and when the beat comes in, the twang of a catchy electric guitar riff. Natalia sings sweetly, "When someone says 'you can't do that', just tell 'em that you can/it goes against all logic when a rose grows in the sand". There are a lot of bad people you will encounter in life that get their kicks from telling you that you can't do something or aren't good enough. To these people, Natalia wants you to not just disregard them, but push yourself to prove them wrong. As young as they are, they've all got some real good heads on their shoulders. SHOUT OUT TO THE PARENTALS THAT RAISED THESE FINE YOUNG LADIES.

When the infectious chorus comes along, you won't be able to keep yourself from singing along and just feeling inspired! "You're a bird who has forgotten that you have wings/you're a voice that will be heard, you just forgot that you can sing/you're a dream that's on the edge, you can reach it even if you fall/Anything is possible". Wow. Just wow. And when you hear them belt it with their incredible harmonies, it'll hit you with all of the feels and inspirations.

Check out this #CRANKIN tune and be sure to add it to all of your feel-good playlists! Looking for to more from these lovely ladies coming soon! Acoustic performance below!

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