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Eric Paslay's Newest single has us feeling "Young Forever"

This week, EMI Recording artist Eric Palsay released a long-awaited new single to radio. "Young Forever" is a feel-good tune about the carefree teen years, feelings of being "on top of the world", and wishing time would stop. The song is incredibly catchy and is sure to be a HIT anthem this summer. "Young Forever" was written by Palsay himself, along with Chris DeStefano and country artist Morgan Evans.

In a recent interview, Palsay explained, “After ‘Friday Night’ and ‘She Don’t Love You’ singles hit, me and the guys toured our butts off. I needed a reset, so my wife and I bought a farm. We renovated the house on it, DIY style. But I kept my head down as I was really focused on writing songs I loved. When we wrote ‘Young Forever,’ it totally reignited the fire – I couldn’t wait to record it and get it out to the fans. I think it captured the joy, the dream and the hope that made me fall in love with music when I was a kid and it reminds me, every time I play it, why I keep falling in love with music over and over again.”

This song has a lot of carefree and optimistic vibes. is full of whimsical swirling guitars and a steady rhythm that makes you want to bob your head along. This tune is full of fun and reminiscent lyrics such as ,

"We didn’t need no cash, didn’t need no gasoline / So much faith we could walk on water / Yeah, we were on top of the world / Shooting stars, lighting up the boulevard / Proud small-town boys and girls / Wide open roads and unbroken hearts / If I had one wish, yeah / If I had one wish, oh / If I had one wish / We’d be together, young forever."

"Young Forever" is the first single off of Eric Palsay's sophomore album. The release date for this album hasn't been announced yet, but we will definitely be on the lookout!

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