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Rahn Anthoni's "Highway" is a Smooth-as-Butter Country Tune That'll Soothe Your Wo

Ride on down that highway. Put the car on cruise control, just below the speed limit. You don't need to be going nowhere fast. Ease the seat back. Roll the windows down just enough to get that nice cool breeze mussing up your carefully crafted hairdo. Crank up the volume on this new laid-back tune and find your pure bliss.

Rahn Anthoni's latest diddy "Highway" has served as his introduction to the world of country music, but it's certainly not his introduction to the public eye. It all started for Rahn when he signed with the hip-hop label Beware Records and released the #1 single "Give Your Love to Me", produced by Tolga Katas. His breakout came in providing background vocals on the gospel queen, Dottie Peoples song, "The Song Bird of the South". This led to his signing with Tate Music Group and the subsequent release of his single, "Hold On", an inspirational song about holding onto life when it's at it's most difficult. Unfortunately for Rahn, he had to live out his own lyrics in the hardest way. His special needs son Aaron, was killed, allegedly from abuse stemming from one of his own teachers. In the midst of this unbelievable tragedy, Rahn turned to a higher power for guidance and penned an inspiring song about not losing faith titled, "I'll Trust You". Since then, he has been a strong advocate for those with special needs. He pioneered the creation of the Special Needs Rock Awards and the They Can't Talk But We Can organization in honor of his late son.

Multi-versatile in the talent pool, Rahn Anthoni has become known as a television personality as well as an artist. His introduction to this came from a hosting gig on the BET show, "Starpower" where he was able to showcase his warm and engaging persona. His popularity as a host grew and he eventually created "The Rahn Anthoni Show" which received over 1 million views on Eotm TV. His success landed him a gig on the Red Carpet of the 2015 Oscars with the Eotm Media Group!

Now, in 2018, Rahn is expanding his talent pool to the country music genre, shaking it up with his soulful style and gospel-like delivery. Putting on his song "Highway" gives me a euphoric relaxation like I imagine floating in one of those epsom salt bath things is like. (Y'all know what I'm talking about with those right?) From the smooth acoustic guitar plucking and Barry White-esque introduction, to the the preachy sermon in the bridge, this song just feels comfortable. It's looking ahead on the highway with courage while also remembering the importance of the drive that got you there.

Make sure to add this song to your favorite soul-searching playlist and be on the lookout for more to come from this delightfully smooth gospel country crooner.

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