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Southern Halo's "Just Like in the Movies" is the Box Office Smash of the Summer!!!

Roll out the red carpet y'all, and make way for these sensational singing sisters! Yes, it's true, the lovely ladies of Southern Halo have just gifted us with 14 tracks of CRANKIN new music! These songs come to us in the form of a concept record, based on a dream, turned into a screenplay, and in turn, is the soundtrack for said movie. Everybody follow that okay?? "Just Like in the Movies" is more than just a collection of songs for these girls. It's a biopic as an album; a memoir of their sisterhood and their journeys that have brought them to where they are today.

The album begins with the girls eponymous track; serving as a mission statement of who they are, where they're from, and letting you know that they're here to kick some ass. "She's got brains and beauty through and through, She turns heads in a crowded room/She'll bless your heart and break it too, She's daddy's little angel but don't be fooled by her". These girls were raised in the Mississippi Delta and this album is filled to the brim with that unmistakable southern charm. They wear their southern halos proudly as they serenade us with the most loverly tunes.

The next track, "My Girls & Me" CRANKS it up a notch with chunky distorted guitars and some sassy vocal delivery from Natalia. Riding out the sisterhood vibes of the first song, "My Girls & Me" takes it up a step to say "There ain't no stopping my girls and me". The song is a confident statement from the girls of "We're here, we're gonna do our thing, and it doesn't matter to us if you like it or not (because we know you totally will because we're freaking awesome)"!

The album progresses from the general vibe of the band to more personal stories about the girls individual relationships. "I Think Too Much" is a beautifully honest tune about the anxiety and overthinking that comes from the beginning of a new relationship. "What am I going to wear? How should I do my hair? What am I going to say? I hope he isn't late".

Another stand out is "Not Today", one of the albums two tracks penned solely by Natalia. If this is "just like in the movies", then this song is the scene where the star couple parts ways. TEARS. The song is about a failing love that the characters knew would eventually have to end, they just didn't think it would have to be so soon. Continuing with the movies downslide, "Missing Mississippi" follows perfectly as the character is now alone and reflecting on her life before she left her hometown. At this point in the record, I'm broken. But as any movie-lover knows, you can't have everything fall apart and just walk away from it. No way. They've gotta make it back up to the top! THEY HAVE TO!

The record starts to pick up more with the rockin tune "Famous". The song is uplifting where the character finds herself launched into the life of luxury, but also skeptical about the downsides of this new reality. Sure it's a life of "Big parties every night, never have to wait in line, when your name is in the lights", but it comes with the price of "She knows everyone but she's all alone". "She can't even walk down the street, even her dog is famous".

As the story and album comes to an end, the last two songs send you off feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. "It's Always Been You", the penultimate track, is where the two characters realize that through it all, it has always been the two of them together, and that's the only way they want it. As I created the movie in my head while listening to the record, this is the song that closes out the film. But then, there's just one more. The closing track "Just Like in the Movies" plays for me as the credits roll and you reminisce on what a great time you had and what you learned. It's the perfect feel-good ending to an incredibly well thought out story. Everything closes with a high note, "Just like in the movies".

This album is a major step in the right direction for these talented sisters. They've developed a more distinct style and direction and have fallen into a sound completely of their own! So pop up some popcorn, grab your $5 candies, turn the lights down low and CRANK UP this cinematic masterpiece of an album!

Also, throw it back to our interview with Southern Halo at CRS earlier this year in the video below. Southern Halo interview starts at 20:27!

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