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Ben Cesare Band's Self-Aware Debut Single "Damn Yankee" Tells the Story of a Northern

This is the summer of great new music y'all. Fresh off the presses on the first day of June, Ben Cesare Band has just released their debut single, "Damn Yankee".

As Nashville traffic continues to get more and more miserable by the day, especially now as tourist season kicks into full force, it's really easy to be stuck behind some New York or Philadelphia license plate on I-40 and think to yourself, "Damn Yankee". Believe me, I've been there.

But Ben Cesare is a different kinda Damn Yankee. Hailing from Boston, he already knows what all his below-the-mason-dixon-line critics have to say about him. He's damn proud of his damn yankee roots, and he's here to show you just how much southern charm a northern boy can really have.

There's definitely a stigma about northerners making country music that doesn't need to exist. When it comes down to it, country music is all about the attitude and storytelling; dudn't matter what part of the globe you grew up in. Ben Cesare is making music more country than a lot of people who've lived in the south their whole lives.

A couple years back, Ben left his home for Nashville because "I was tired of the winter, so cold and dark, north of the Mason-Dixon line". Since then, he's met "Girls said I talked funny didn't have the right kinda drawl". But regardless of his accent, Ben knows how to win them over with his unmistakable how-is-he-a-northerner southern charm. Not only that, but he also knows how to win over the born and raised southerner parentals. NOICE.

The song has a mid-tempo rock vibe with all the right kinds of southern twang peppered in. The guitar riffs are in your face and hard rockin'. The vocals are sultry and smooth as buttah. The lyrics are witty and wise. It's a windows cranked down tune for sure. Add it onto your Summer 2018 playlist and get to #CRANKINIT ASAP!!!

This single is but a taste of what Ben Cesare Band has to offer. This summer, they will be blessing our ears with a full EP called Cesare's Palace! Make sure you find and follow them on social media so you can keep up with all the magic happening!

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