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Country Music's Got Baby Fever!!!

Photo From People Magazine

LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW, Y'ALL!!! I don't know what y'all think, but it seems to me like country music has been hit with some mad baby fever as of lately. Many of the genres most chart-topping performers have either recently had a baby or have one on the way. Maybe everyone's just around that age where they want to be starting a family and settling down. Or maybe there's something in the water here in Nashville. Either way, these adorable little rascals are popping out all over from all of our favorite artists. Here's a look at some stars who have recently decided to make their home a "Fuller House" (Let's just hope it goes better for them than it did the Netflix reboot).

Photo From The Tennessean

Carrie Underwood touched our hearts last week with an endearing tour announcement/baby announcement. The video that sent Twitter fans in a frenzy began with Carrie talking about the release of her new album, Cry Pretty, and the tour that will follow. In this portion, she gave us some insight on the badass all-female line-up that she has assembled with Maddie & Tae and Runaway June. Then, she threw us all a curveball. "Now you may be wondering why this tour isn't starting until May," Carrie said. In a perfect moment of movie magic, the camera then zooms out revealing the giant balloons behind her head spelling out "BABY". AHHHHH!!! Hearts were melted, tears were shed. She, her husband Mike Fisher, and their son Isaiah, are all extremely excited about doubling the kid population in the family. Hopefully their next baby will have a name that I don't misspell three times in a row...

Photo From Jason Aldean's Instagram

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany already had a pretty full house. With Jason's daughter's Kendyl and Keeley, and the recent birth of lil' Memphis, five seemed like it would be quite the crowd. But I remember right after Memphis was born, Jason said in an interview that he had definitely planned on having more kids soon. I thought to myself, "surely they'll take a little break, maybe wait till Memphis can walk or talk or SOMETHING". But Jason and Brittany were ready to take the plunge and say, "Let's have TWO little ones!!! Half the sleep!" Now I'm only 22 years old, so maybe that's why this seems so wild to me, as I can barely be responsible for my own breakfast. Either way you look at it though, I think it's super exciting and sweet to see that Jason really just wants to be a dad. Through an exciting baseball themed gender reveal on social media, it was announced that the next in the Aldean party of six will be a little lady!

Photo From People Magazine

Jana Kramer has been very open about her and her husbands struggles to have a baby in the past. They currently have their little two year old, Jolie Rae, but have experienced several miscarriages in the past. However, their prayers have been answered, and just a few months ago, they revealed that their "Only Child" would be "Expiring November 2018". This being her second time around in pregnancy, she seems to have gotten the hang of it. She confessed that she feels sexiest when she's pregnant. "I get to be at the beach and not suck in!" she joked. She has revealed on her podcast "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" some of her pregnancy do's and don'ts for any expecting mothers out their looking for a little advice!

Photo From Morgane Stapleton's Instagram

There are few more perfect baby arrival announcements than when the world first learned of the birth of the Stapleton's twins. It was at the 2018 ACM Awards. Chris Stapleton was nominated for many of the nights biggest awards (as he often is), but didn't seem to be in attendance. When Sugarland announced that Chris had won the award for "Album of the Year", Reba took to the stage to congratulate Chris on his "second biggest news of the night". She announced to the world that Chris was not in attendance because his beautiful wife Morgane, had just given birth to a pair of twin boys. Talk about a night he'll never forget.

Photo From Maren Morris's Twitter Feed

When Maren Morris had a long flight the other day, she gifted her followers with an honest and candid Q&A about anything they wanted to know. And she definitely didn't pull any punches! When one fan asked if she planned on having kids some day, she responded to tell us that it might be sooner than we thought. "I literally have it blocked out on my calendar next year". Whaaattt. She married her husband, Ryan Hurd, earlier this year, and it looks like the two of them are already thinking about some youngins!!! We look forward to the inevitable announcement coming from them some time in the near future!

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