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"Big City, Small Town": Classic Country from the Middle of Detroit

The Craig Brown Band, an artist with Jack White's Third Man Records, has just released a must hear country song from the middle of Detroit. Yeah, you heard me, Detroit, as in one of the last places you think of when you think of Country music. Even though they are from a big city, their songs show that they definitely understand country.

Their new song, "Big City, Small Town", is the perfect combination of classic country and the modern punk spirit. While listening to the pedal steel guitar and the beautifully harmonized voices of the Drinkard sisters, Caitlin and Bonnie, I was transported back to my grandpa showing me Johnny Cash and Conway Twitty in his old pick up truck. I was instantly hooked, but loved it even more when I actually listened to the lyrics, which depict living in a big city, but gossip still gets around like it is a small town, which I think everybody can relate to. All in all, Craig Brown Band's new song has something for everyone, especially fans of classic country.

The band was called a "New Country Artist You Need to Know”, and their single was included in the "10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week" by Rolling Stone. Also, the band has just signed a three year licensing representation deal with Detroit based company, DallRae Music. So, I think we should all get used to this group, because I don't think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

You can enjoy their new single Here.

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