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Single Spotlight: "The Lover" - Rivershine

I'm gonna do y'all a huge favor and tell you to go listen to "The Lover" by Rivershine. This song is one of those songs that you just can't help but listen to over and over. The rhythmic beat of the drum will force your foot to tap along without you even noticing. The beautiful vocals and smooth guitar work keeps your attention focused on the song and nothing else. Seriously, the song played 5 straight times in a row before I realized I hadn't done any work since it started.

The line from the chorus, "I can be the lover, to get the other off of your mind" perfectly sums up the story told by this song. The lead singer is singing to a friend that had recently been dumped, and since then hasn't been around much (I mean can you blame her? break ups are the worst). Now, the singer has the perfect solution to this, he offers to be her rebound so she can get over that other guy. The song is all about showing the girl a good time so she can be herself again.

All in all, the song is great for any occasion. It's fast paced so you can dance to it if you want, but also has a great message in it if you'd prefer just to sit and listen to the lyrics rather than busting a move. So what the hell are you still doing reading this article? Go listen to the song and while you're at it, watch their music video for it as well!

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