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I know what y'all are thinking, "Why am I looking at the Backstreet Boys? They aren't country". Well, they made a country song, and it's actually really good!

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all know at least one (or 10) song(s) by heart from these guys, and we all love them even if we say we don't. When they start singing, there is no other choice than to sing along, and that holds with this new song, "No Place". The song has subtle, upbeat instrument work in the background that amplifies the angelic harmonies from the boys. The song is all about how they've been all around the world and experienced everything that goes along with that, but there is no place they would rather be than home with their wives and families.

This tune is the perfect mix of their usual pop, and modern country - which means you can proudly listen to them, rather than hiding them in the middle of your 90's playlist.

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