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Last Call Y'all

Y'all get ready for the next anthem for the late night drinker - for anyone who continually ignores last call and refuses to let the party stop. Jeff Clayborn's new tune is all about being the "Last Ones to Leave" the bar, regardless of how pissed the bartender is (You better tip them well though). We've all been part of that group before, who just couldn't take the hint to get the hell out of the bar because you were having way too much fun. Well, if that is the case then Jeff's song is made for you. The best part about this song isn't the vocals or instruments or even the lyrics, it's the story being played out: of good times, good friends, and letting loose. I honestly don't know a single person who won't be able to relate to this story, and I doubt you do either.

The instrumentals sound like they should be playing as John Wayne strolls into a dusty town in the west, and this feeling continues throughout the song (listen to this song and tell me you don't want to say 'saloon' instead of 'bar'). Clayborn's deep, gravelly voice keeps you focused on the song and pushes the story forward expertly.

In short, "Last Ones to Leave" is a great theme song for your next night of drinking with your friends.

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