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Honky Tonk Ambiance

As you probably know, George Strait is working on releasing a new album titled Honky Tonk Time Machine. We can't wait for more CRANKIN' tunes from the King of Country Music, and his latest, Every Little Honky Tonk Bar, is one of his best.

Ol' George describes what makes a honky tonk special in a way that can only come from years of experience, but that's not all. The fast paced tune makes you want to grab a partner and hit the dance floor. It's a mystery how he does it, but this song smells like beer and makes the floor sticky, just like the honky tonks he sings about. The song is definitely worth a listen, or 5 - it's got the classic Strait sound without being the same old song that you've heard a thousand times.

Go give it a listen and let us know what Honky Tonk memories it brought up!

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