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Keep It Simple Stupid

Whats up y'all?! Have I got an outstanding song for you today! "Keep It Simple" by the James Barker Band is a whole vibe that needs, wait no... deserves to be CRANKIN from your speakers.

With one of the catchiest guitar riffs you'll ever hear, the James Barker Band will have you on your feet dancing along to this amazing tune immediately. This song is one of a kind and is extremely difficult to pin down - it's not classic country, but it's not completely modern either. The only way that it can be described is as the band's sound, and let me tell you, they sound amazing. Like I said earlier, this song ain't just a tune, it's a complete vibe. The song itself is all about instead of a couple going out to the bars, they could stay home and "keep it simple" by themselves. This topic is nothing new to the music scene, but JBB puts a new spin on it that will surely draw you into the song.

Now, I'm gonna take some advice from the band and keep it simple by telling you to go listen to the song already.

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