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Kaylee Rose Will Have You In Tears

DISCLAIMER: Kaylee Rose's "Stuff" may cause, but is not limited to, involuntary tears, sadness, heartbreak, and/or texting exes. If you begin to experience any or all of these, please seek your nearest bottle of wine and a box of tissues.

Now that the warnings are all over with, we can actually get to the song. This song is different than the usual on here but great music is great music and "Stuff" is definitely great music. The amazing beat pulls you through the song, with the piano slamming into your emotions at every turn. Kaylee displays her musical talents at the beginning of each chorus with a small pause that will literally drag the breath out of your lungs. With all that in mind, the MVP of this song is by far the lyrics. "I'm not ready to say goodbye / Cause when it's love, it's not just stuff" tell me how you can listen to poetry like that and not have all of the emotions, which is exactly what a break-up song is supposed to do. The problem is, Kaylee did too good of a job - she'll have you crying about your 1st-grade relationship, wondering why it didn't work out.

To sum it up for y'all, grab a bottle of wine, whiskey, or whatever your sad drink is, a box of tissues, and blast this song till all the bad feelings are gone.

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