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Beach Songs Are Coming

The weather is finally beginning to warm up and it's sunny all the time, which can only mean one thing. Songs about beaches, the sun, and day drinking are coming! Southern Halo's latest single "Sunshine" is one of these songs, and it deserves to be on everyone's summer playlist.

If you've heard Southern Halo before then you know they know how to put a bop together. Between their heavenly voices and the fun melody, you'll be hooked into the song immediately and then be singing along by the time you play it again. "Just sippin’ by the water in some sunshine / I could use a little bit of sunshine" if you can listen to these lines from the chorus and not be instantly transported to the waterside with a cold one in your hand, then you are dead inside.

Just like sand on your clothes, this song will not be going away anytime soon!

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