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Billie Eilish Let’s Us Into When Everything Started and The World Was “a little blurry"

This week Billie Eilish released a documentary trailer for her upcoming documentary “The World’s A Little Blurry” coming out feb 26 of 2021. It starts out with Billie passing her drivers test like any other 17 year old would. Her mom then explains: “We’re getting her a car with all the safety bells and whistles", and the next shot takes us to a Billie playing a gigantic shows because she’s also one of the biggest stars on the planet. The documentary will cover the making of the debut album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, which won her five Grammy Awards in 2020. The film made by R.J. Cutler portraits the parallel universe of Billie still living at home sheltered by her parents and brother and at the same time being in the tremendously challenging position of touring internationally and interacting with huge crowds. The music that was laid under the trailer is dark and daunting, holding high voltage and anticipation, giving us a taste of the crazy mix of excitement and overwhelm that this time must have meant for the teenager. It also includes footage of Billie as a little girl, offering an even broader look into the amazing story of one of the most spectacular music careers in history. We’re excited!


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