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Conan Gray’s Heartfelt “Heather” Music Video Expresses Unrequited Love and Gender Fluidity Beautiful

Indie pop artist Conan Gray released the heartfelt music video for his melancholy track, “Heather,” gracefully expressing unrequited love and gender fluidity. “Heather” was released on his first full-length album, Kid Krow , back in March, and tells the story of Gray wishing he was the girl his crush was in love with, Heather. The video was co-directed by Gray, and is an aesthetic, intimate visual of the story he sings about his high school crush. He is seen throughout the video slowly changing out of his masculine clothes into more feminine attire - first jewelry, then hair clips, and finally a skirt & sweater combo. He explained, “the slow transformation was made to represent the feminine and masculine traits I constantly switched between in order to become someone I knew my crush would like. Somebody soft and sweet. Somebody like Heather.” The initial release of “Heather” started a trend on social media platform TikTok- although the song is about someone Gray envied, the trend seems to be mostly girls supporting girls. The videos show the “Heathers” in their lives in a positive light - users put pictures of girls they think are pretty to the lyrics, “I watch her eyes as she walks by / What a sight for sore eyes / Brighter than the blue sky.” To call someone a Heather is to say they are effortlessly beautiful and lovable. Gray even hopped on the trend, jokingly writing “the ‘heather’ from my high school,” and as the chorus dropped, “literally the girl named heather that I wrote this song about.” He captioned it, “Heather i’m sorry i wrote a song about you u were so nice.” Gray’s first single off Kid Krow, “Maniac,” also trended on TikTok, but did not have quite the impact of “Heather.” The heartfelt music video is out now, and it’s sure to give you chills - watch it here:


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