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Dariann Leigh’s Single Gets Her “Closer” To Who She Really Is

“Closer” is the perfect song to show the amazing potential of 20 year old Country singer and songwriter Dariann Leigh from Minnesota, whom New Music Weekly Magazine has recently described as “poised to become a name to know amongst the rising women of Country”. She delivers a vocal performance and level of maturity in her delivery of the story that can absolutely stand the pace of classic 90s female Country singers. Even though her latest release “Wherever I go” which she wrote herself hit #45 on the Music Row Charts, Dariann stayed open to recording other writers songs. “Closer” is written by a group of accomplished Nashville songwriters, such as Jennifer Adan, Justin Adam and Megan Moreaux. She says it was: “the song I’ve needed my entire life but never knew how to put into words”. It’s about having grace with yourself, acknowledging that all learning is a process and that every step counts. The mid tempo ballad starts off with some acoustic guitar and distant pedal steel guitar, setting the stage for Dariann’s beautifully tender vocal and perfectly measured vibrato. The first verse delivers songwriting par excellence right off the bat: “They say time is gonna heal me, but I think time is gonna kill me unless I learn to face the pain instead of cussing out the rain”. This is such a brilliant way of looking at the old saying a little more realistic, meaning time is not going to heal anything if I don’t take a look at what’s causing me to hurt like this. The chorus continues the topic of courage and being brave: “There ain’t nothing gonna save me unless I let go and let god change me”, and also trusting that you’re not alone on the journey. The second verse goes into a more specific look at something the singer wants to get “closer” to, namely moving on from a love relationship that didn’t make it. Remembering how unpredictable it was, “like the weather”, and that her partner “just backed down without a fight”. The hook at the end of the song sums up so well what a lot of us need to remember these days, “I haven’t moved on yet but everyday I’m getting closer”. Even though things aren’t where I want them to be yet, I’m taking one step at a time and I know I’m moving in the right direction. “It was sent to me at a time when I was navigating loss, wondering what my next career move should be, and ultimately figuring out who I am” , Dariann says about her new single. “This song is for everyone striving for that next step, the next chapter, a new season”, what a fitting message in a time in which so many people are craving for exactly that!


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