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"I’ll be Home For Christmas" Jeff Coffey

So, it’s Christmas time again. A time for family, friends, and watching Rudolph learn the value of being different for the 1000th time.  Well, here’s new way to put yourself in the Christmas spirit while staying true to the old-fashioned holiday tradition. Listen to some Christmas music. It’s a classic pass-time, relaxing, and someone is always trying to put a new spin on the older songs. One artist who has actually managed to respect the art of the holiday song without sounding horribly old fashioned is Jeff Coffey. Coffey has put out his rendition of I’ll be Home For Christmas. I know what you’re thinking, “Dear God! I’ve heard that song so many times that it induces a cold sweat every time I hear it!” I swear this version is different. It’s sentimental without coming across as cheesy and Jeff’s voice is like curling up beside the fire and unwinding after a long day of breaking out your boxing gloves to fight people for the last "Tickle Me Elmo” at Target. Put on a pot of Coffey and relax.

Coffey has had a long and storied career. From playing at the Super Bowl to touring with an Eagle, Jeff has done it all. This Christmas song is another feather in his cap and a darn good one at that. Jeff is most well respected in the music industry for his bass playing and abilities and talents on the trombone. Too bad you can’t hear either of those in this song. Instead you're treated to Jeff’s gorgeous singing voice and Michael Omartian’s beautiful piano lines. Jeff’s rendition of

transports the listener to the Christmases of old. The ones where you get together as a family, open presents, and watch your father fail at getting a fire started in his own home.  So remember the Christmases of old. Sit back and relax, enjoy family togetherness, and try to forget that the planet is becoming inhibitable due to global warming. Instead listen to Jeff Coffey’s delightful new take on a Christmas classic. It’ll put you in the holiday mood remind you of why this Christmas is so important in these trying and chaotic times.


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