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Meghan Trainor Releases Bubbly Sweet Holiday Single “My Kind of Present”

It’s mid October but especially this year Christmas really can’t come quick enough! We are ready for Meghan Trainor's upcoming holiday Album “A very Trainor Christmas” which will be out October 30 on Epic Records, even more so after she just released two singles off of it last week. One is a fun disco like rendition on the Christmas classic “last Christmas” and the other is “My kind of present”, a fun too-wop tune, and one of five original songs on the album. 

The song is light and fun and will get you bouncin’ and boppin’ in no time! With a rich string bass sound, decadent and dense choir parts and classic Glockenspiel the Grammy Award winner manages to instantly catapult us in front of a crackling fire place, a plate of cookies and some eggnog please! The single is a cute love song about not needing anything else for Christmas but each other “you’re my angel from heaven, so go and tell Santa don’t bring me nothing”, to have an easy sweet time together amongst family, “my family adores you, they cooked extra for you”, which is even more adorable knowing that she co-wrote the song with her two brothers Justin and Ryan Trainor! 

The song has everything to guarantee we will be hearing is all over this years Christmas playlists, sleigh bells ringing, a cheerfully syncopated groove and a bombastic modulation in the end, all in the bubbly, playful, cheeky fashion a la Trainor! 


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