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Our Hero of Country-Rock Dane Louis

In his latest release “Bad Guy” country-rock artist Dane Louis yearns for a chance to be the good guy. The new track is heavily rock influenced without forgetting a traditional twist of country. With electrifying guitar riffs and powerful lyrics “Bad Guy” tell listeners a story while satisfying their appetite for a heavy country-rock tune.

“Bad Guy” illustrates the feeling of watching one you love continually return to a toxic partner. Louis ache for another chance to be with the one he desires and be the “good guy” for her. The fast paced beat and eager instrumentals practically beg along with Louis for just one more chance.

Following his past releases, “Bad Guy” is Louis’ third single. His debut song, “Whiskey Wears Off” followed by the sophomore single “Fire” sets the framework for a future filled with even more of Louis’ captivating tracks.

You can find “Bad Guy” on all streaming platforms and to keep up with Dane Louis and his music visit

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Listen to "Bad Guy" below!


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