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The New Indie Folk-Pop Single from emily + shawn Speaks on the End of Any Relationship

For Brooklyn-based modern folk duo emily + shawn, the stuff in life that makes a difference requires heavy lifting and careful attention to detail. Their well-written and catchy songs are inspired by the little things and a soulful sense of purpose that imbue the pair’s adventurous spin on the folk tradition. Their music is a reflection of their ethics and passions, authentically crafted through a myriad of experiences they’ve had through their day jobs.

Their new single, “One Last Kiss,” is an indie folk-pop song with a heavy No Doubt vibe with a folk presence, much like a Lake Shore Drive. “One Last Kiss” celebrates the freedom that comes with putting your foot down and moving on. The song gave Emily a chance to channel her inner “punk rock” side and focus on some teenage angst in her voice to get the emotion through. It’s a powerful song about letting go of a long term relationship, no matter if it’s personal or professional. For Emily and Shawn, they are saying goodbye to the mundane.

“Making music is what we love, but our day jobs are a "necessary evil" in order to put food on the table while we shift our careers from typical corporate and government jobs into the music industry,” they share. “The lyrics are a daydream of a future in which we are saying "goodbye" to our desk jobs and shifting into a career in music. The resentment we sometimes feel toward our day jobs turned out to be good material for a "punk" genre, as if we were writing a breakup letter to someone we were dating, and so we sped up the tempo and put a Gwen Stefani attitude behind the writing. The song wrote itself quickly after that, as a lustful tribute to the dramatic exit we dream of making from the typical work life.”

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