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The Official Music Video for "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes is a Visual Rollercoaster of Emotion

 Shawn Mendes released his newest single "Wonder" and the music video is full of contemplation and longing. The beautiful visual full of ethereal imagery and movement perfectly accompanies his lyrics & music, and it gives a perfect representation of the song's subject matter and sentiment. 

     The video opens to Shawn Mendes riding a train running through dark evergreen woods, singing his existential questions. "I wonder, wouldn't it be nice / to live inside a world that isn't black and white," he contemplates, staring outside the window at the muted colors of the forest. He then moves throughout the train dancing with other passengers in the background - and in an unexpected turn, he hops on top of the train as it speeds through the night, ducking under tunnels and tree branches. The scene switches abruptly again to Mendes in the midst of mossy-green trees, and he begins to dance expressively with others. As he finishes the short number, he takes off sprinting towards what's revealed to be a cliff overlooking a raging sea. Finishing off, he dances and shouts his lyrics with conviction into the pouring rain, mirroring the escalation of the music. 

     While the video explores a range of colors depicting different emotions, it perfectly captures the tumultuous feelings experienced in the emotional rollercoaster of the track. "Wonder" is Mendes' first release since his duet of "Senorita" with Camila Cabello. The release kicks off a new era for him, and more songs are expected to be released soon. You can watch the "Wonder" video here:


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