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REVIEW: Morgan Riley - "Rowdy Shoutin' Cowboys"

Finding your niche as a new artist usually takes a bit of time and a few single releases before you really get in the groove, but with the release of “Rowdy Shoutin’ Cowboys,” the debut single from Morgan Riley, she seems to know exactly who she is. The up-tempo dance based country song allows her plenty of room to bounce through its lyric with a confident swagger that sees her balance between country and rap inspired styles within her vocal presentation. Musically however, this song leans very heavy on the foot tapping/ booty shaking beats to propel you through the pop rhythm and will most certainly become a favorite on any given Saturday night in dance halls across the country. Though this type of style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who miss the more traditional based sounds, the chances that Riley has taken with this song are to be applauded and where it won’t connect with some, it will connect with others. There is no doubt about it that Riley has found her niche and has done it early in her career and that is half of the battle to succeeding. Interested to see where Riley goes from here and what the future holds, but this is a solid start and it has definitely got our attention. Read more at One Stop Country!

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