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You're Gonna Wanna Be Listening to "More of That" New Single from Kaylee Rutland

Earlier this year, Country Living Magazine named Kaylee Rutland "Artist to Watch in 2017". After hearing some of her recent singles, we couldn't agree more. This is definitely an artist you're gonna want to put on your radar right away, as we're expecting big things from her in the coming months! Following the release of her successful single, "Pick Me Up", accompanied by a music video that's being played on Country Music Television (CMT) and Great American Country (GAC), Kaylee has recently released a follow-up single, "More of That", and news of an EP to be arriving in the latter half of the summer!

Kaylee's musical debut came from a solo in her church's Christmas musical when she was only 8 years old! After that, she knew she was hooked for life. "I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. This is the best feeling ever. This is it for me. I’m doing this forever.'" As she grew older, she realized that music wasn't just something she could do for fun, but something that she actually had a chance of making a living from. In 2015, she entered the Nash Next competition, going in with the idea of just, "Why not give it a shot". She proved herself to be one heckuva contestant and finished in the Top 10!

Her latest single, "More of That", seems to pick up where the previous one, "Pick Me Up", left off (check out the music video on her YouTube channel that ends with "To Be Continued..."). "Pick Me Up" is a fun, upbeat track about letting go at the end of a long week and having a great time with your friends or special someone. "More of That" comes in reminiscing of these nights with your loved one and wanting them to never end. Her beautiful lyrics bring you right into the scene, feeling the "rain soaked skin on a summer night" and "moving in close as the crickets sing". We could all use a little more of that.

Kaylee's two singles have gained a significant amount of airplay from Radio Disney Country and Spotify. Y'all hop on this train and start following her ASAP before she blows up!

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