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Heidi Raye's EP "Worth a Shot" is Definitely Worth a Listen!

Wow, get ready to be listening to this record on repeat for the rest of summer! The highly anticipated EP from Canadian country artist, Heidi Raye is here and boy does it have some CRANKIN tunes on it!

Heidi Raye was born to be a performer. She spent most of her childhood doing theatre, taking dance and vocal lessons, and teaching herself how to play a number of instruments. Growing up in the small town of Dawson Creek in Northern British Columbia, she planned on moving to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. However, her high level of intellect had other plans for her. She received a scholarship to attend UNBC for a nursing degree and the Nashville move had to be put on hold. She didn't waste any of her time there, cranking out the work for a nursing degree all while writing, touring, and making sporadic trips to Nashville.

When she got the degree in the mail showing that she was officially an RN, she packed up the bags and headed down to Nashville! Knocking on every door on Music Row and playing every opportunity that she had, she eventually signed as an artist/writer to the management/publishing company of Music City heavyweight, Erv Woolsey (manager of the legendary George Strait). She honed her craft their for two years until she was unfortunately dropped but then fortunately picked up by the office of Hall of Fame songwriter, Harlan Howard songs. Since she has signed on as a staff writer, she has written over 200 songs with some of Music Row's most esteemed veterans. This EP is the culmination of all the work Heidi has put into developing her sound, style and voice.

The EP kicks off with the upbeat track "Junkyard", a song about discovering the hidden baggage that person of interest might be carrying around with them. It's a rocking tune with a driving beat and a banjo holding it all down. "You look too good, you say all the right things/You gotta big job got it all and you're into me/You seem like a 10, you might be a 2/And I know how to pick em so tell me what's wrong with you". Heidi's attitude in this song is lighthearted and she takes humorous perspective on how people will get into relationships with thinking that they're picture perfect, only to be in for a couple surprises down the road.

Another stand out from the EP is the assertive "Boys are Stupid". Heidi doesn't hold anything back in this song as she calls out all of the idiots who have wronged her in the past. In the chorus she professes all these things that she knows to be true and closes with the fact that boys are indeed stupid. "Grass is green, skies are blue/Eagles fly and time does too/Dolly's 9 to 5, Johnny walked the line, Daddy's gotta gun and Momma's always right...Ain't no way around it, doubt about it, grass is green and boys are stupid."

The title track "Worth a Shot" is a brilliant break-up drinking song where Heidi belts "I know whiskey ain't the answer, but it's worth a shot... or two... or three". Heidi talks about all the stupid things that people do to try and get over a break-up and how they knowingly will do stupid things just to avoid the issue. Where as she herself goes into total workaholic mode in times of stress, she sings about the people that go out and make these mistakes. In her words "it makes for much more interesting songwriting".

This EP is flawless from start to finish. The musicianship is well-polished and perfectly complimentary to Heidi's witty writing style and quirky attitude. Add this to summer playlist and get to CRANKIN IT!!!!!

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