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Wildest Hair In Country Music

It's no secret that cha boi ConConFerzy has some pretty wacky hair (some of it stemming from trying to light a grill and catching a significant chunk of the front on fire). But as long as you can find your own individual style and attitude with it, you can rock any hairstyle you've got. No doubt, country music has seen a wide array of artists with wild or unique hairstyles that often times become synonymous with their image. Because of this, we decided to gather a collection some of the most iconic and finest follicle work in country music to share with YOU!

What's more iconic than writing a song about how awesome your hair is and missing it when it's changed?? Though it didn't receive much airplay or popularity, I still believe that "I Want My Mullet Back" is one of Billy Ray's finest. Candid and humorous, singing about the way fashion trends come and go, the song is a nostalgia-filled banger and a hair-worshipping classic!

Though he didn't start his career with quite as much of the wild hippie look, Willie Nelson's trademark pigtails have become as recognizable as his music! Growing up in a world where I only knew of Willie Nelson with the classic braids, seeing this clean shaven pic of him was quite the shocker. Which do you think is a better look on the Red Head Stranger??

You can't talk about iconic hair in country music without talking about Dolly Parton. It simply cannot be done. JUST LOOK AT THAT MAGIC FLOW, Y'ALL!!! When Dolly came onto the scene, she wowed everyone with her voice that was as big as her hair! Though her hairs gone through some changes throughout the years, it's always been a staple with her image and style.

BLAKE, BRING BACK THE LETTUCE MAN!!! When Blake Shelton started his country music career, he was rocking some of the sweetest flow I've ever seen. As he's grown and matured, he's adopted a suaver, more reserved look. However, until it returns, I'll be patiently waiting for the day that he decides to bring back the mane.

A couple years ago, I tried to adopt a Lyle Lovett-style haircut. Shaved on the sides and big on the top. It did not work out well for me. I would post a picture for comparison, but I'm pretty sure that all photographic evidence of that look has been destroyed. Maybe it was just me, but I don't think that anyone can truly pull off this edgy (yet somehow still classy) look other than Lyle. And maybe Beaker.

Even though hair can be a big part of an artist's look or image, just remember that it's not a necessity for being a country star...

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