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It "Don't Get Better Than..." LOCASH's Newest Single!

LoCash has officially released their newest single and it is FIRE! We are seriously OBSESSED with this song. “Don’t Get Better Than That” was first debuted on the Megyn Kelly Today (December 29th, 2017). The duo truly brought their well-known electrifying energy to the performance and drew listeners in everywhere!

“Don’t Get Better Than That” is PACKED with positivity, which is such a breath of fresh air to start off 2018. With lyrics that appreciate the happy things in life such as “Ever heard the words ‘I love you daddy’ / Felt the waves touch your toes on the coast of Cali / Lost count counting stars cause there’s just so many in the sky” and “Ever Hit that shot when everybody’s lookin / Ever felt the rush from a leap of faith” , there’s just no way to hold in your smile when hearing this song.

The verses of this song are swirling with signature guitar patterns , while the chorus explodes into a full band’s driving rhythm and anthem-like feel. The song is extremely dynamic and keeps bringing in surprises. The chorus rings in with big “ooooohhh”s as background vocals and a steady danceable rhythm with lyrics like:

“Rolling with a full tank, wasting gas / Sipping on a sunset crushing cans / little Nitty Gritty turned up full blast / Yeah it don’t get better than that….Knowing where you’ve been, loving where you’re at/ Yeah it don’t get better than that.”

LOCASH band members Chris Lucas and Preston Burst cowrote this catchy tune with Lindsay Rimes and Phil Barton and it was released at the very end of 2017. With this song as their next potential number one, 2018 is sure looking bright for LOCASH.

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