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Josh Christina Dazzles & Charms In Music Video For New Single, Rockstar

Panning to and from the stage in Christina’s dressing room, his glamorous clothing and favorite records are scattered about as he awaits his raving fans. Like a ballerina, Christina twirls through the video in a true icon’s fashion throwing chairs and lying on his piano like a king on his throne. The Baltimore based rock and roll artist, reminisces on his inspiration and childhood in his timeless and gospel-esque single, Rockstar.

With a Memphis opening and a Motown finish, Christina gives everything he has on Rockstar, compiling all of his influences and styles into one anthem. The track alone allows listeners to envision Christina’s story for themselves, but the music video adds an additional layer that we never knew we really needed but do. Exclusive footage of records, clothing, and all that goes on backstage of a show is included in his technicolor video.

“Josh Christina creates a rollicking and robust musical experience that draws immediate attention from the get-go” TunedLoud writes. Unlike anything in the modern age, Christina is what compels every little kid to sing and dance in their bathroom mirrors with the pure love of music that he wants us to get back to.

Through his adolescence and young adult years Christina has “Let all the trends slip away” as he sings in the song never succumbing to the trends of today. Josh Christina is an analog man living in our digital world and continues to evoke iconic themes and melodies to enthrall all of his listeners. With more music on the way and tour dates piling up in each city across the country, Josh Christina will be bringing his exquisite musical journey soon to a city near you soon.

Watch the video below!

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