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8 Floors Up. Roman Bones Make Good Glue

8 Floors Up AKA Danny Cawley's story is like something you'd read in an Irvine Welsh novel.

Ever since being a child, he's been an artist of some sort, whether that be painting, poetry or singing. He had no interest in school and in his own words "failed", given both of his parents were teachers it goes without saying this was frowned upon.

Having joined his first band at the tender age of 17 (who were managed by ex Stone Roses manager Howard Jones) they went on to play at the Marquee in London but disbanded soon after. He then spent the next 10 years living in London and hanging out with the likes of The Charlatans and Black Grape.

After some time in Brighton he crashed and burned and moved back to his hometown of Manchester and unfortunately became homeless. It was here though that he began to turn his life around, he gave up drinking and began painting and writing music again. He wrote and recorded four albums between 2003-11.

In 2008, Danny became a fulltime artist selling many of his paintings to musicians such as Clint Boon of Inspiral Carpets, Jon Brookes of The Charlatans and Simon Jones of The Verve. Although Danny enjoyed painting it wasn't long before he succumbed to an addiction to cocaine which eventually made him homeless again.

In 2015 Danny rose from the ashes once again, guitar in hand and decided to start playing and writing again, he's since released an album 'Let There Be Colour' to critical acclaim and has another 70 songs under his belt!

The first of which is 'Roman Bones Make Good Glue' which is a song about addiction in its many forms, whether that be drugs, drink, shopping or social media. Danny has now been sober for many years and it's fair to say he's come a long way and with plenty more to offer he's got a lot further to go, this is the real beginning.


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