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Ashley Puckett "Tequila"

Ashley Puckett delivers a soulful sound on the Americana spirit of “Tequila”. With elements of rock, country, and pop the song becomes a true hybrid of styles. Her voice has a tremendous strength to it. Layer upon layer intermingles to deliver something straight from the heart. The word choice she utilizes has a richness to it. Indeed, as the song progresses it shows a snapshot of a life lived to the absolute fullest. Nothing is held back for the piece continually comes into focus.

Her voice leads the way. By serving as the very backbone of the work the many verses keep on bringing the listener closer to their world. Over the course of the journey there is an intrinsic kindness to the way she brings it altogether. Evolution of the rhythm has a western twang to it. Guitar riffs nicely bounce off the sheer elegance of her vocal style. Lots of the work feels so intimate. She bares her very life lived to the fullest. So much detail gets thrown into the mix, for the piece has a living, breathing aspect to it. Rhythms keeps things relatively tight, making sure that there is a great sense of movement. With the song offering a relatively pastoral atmosphere it is a celebration of the small moments that make up a life lived in America, out in the country.

“Tequila” shows off Ashley Puckett’s power for she makes sure that every gesture gets to reverberate into the vast open space.


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